FAQ on Events

Q: Are you willing to speak at a(n) ________ (insert denomination here) church?

The answer to this question is an absolute “Yes.” I am willing and available to come speak to any church, youth group, adult ministry group, associational meeting, BCM, InterVarsity, Youth for Christ, High School and College chapel services, or however you desire me to serve you.

I am more than happy to speak at any mainstream, orthodox, denominational or non-denominational church. In the past I have spoken in the university setting both friendly and not so friendly, and in churches ranging from Southern Baptist to non denominational groups, from charismatic groups to Pentecostal groups and para church groups.

In short I hold to a “unity in the cardinal tenets of this historical Christian faith, and charity on tertiary issues. If you agree with our Statement, I will be more than happy to work with you and serve you or your group.

On occasion I will make myself available to settings that are not so friendly to the Christian faith. Please note that I am “open to talking” about those opportunities but at the same time that it is important to make the most of fruitful opportunities and that each potential arena will be considered on a case by case basis.

Q: What about travel and lodging expenses?

I do request travel expenses ($0.55/mile by car) and lodging (if necessary) be provided by the host group/organization.  This is my income.  Love offerings and gifts are appreciated. Please note that I do not have to stay in a hotel, but am willing to stay with a host family so long as it does not impose upon the host. I believe that it is important to live responsibly as an ambassador of Christ, and do my best to be a good steward of all that that the Lord provides. I also do not expend any unnecessary resources that a group or church might have at their disposal.

Q: Do you have technological needs?

My presentations are supplemented by the use of multimedia, namely Power Point/KeyNote. It is best if a projector, and sometimes audio, are available. If no projector is available, I have a small projector that may do the trick, but the screen would have to be on the wall. Depending on the setting, I am open to other options: either by procuring an appropriate projector, or giving the talk without it. I will be more than happy to use my own laptop and presenter mouse, or depending on the venue, I will use whatever is provided.

Multimedia does make for a better presentation, and it helps the audience connect with the message in a more effective and more lasting way.  My desire is to serve my audience as best as possible, so it is important to know beforehand what the situations and circumstances will be.