What is the Difference between Reincarnation, Resuscitation, and Resurrection

by Rob Lundberg17796709_10213276678055125_5281942654396583827_n

The other day at work, I was involved in a discussion with someone who asked me about what was the reason for my being a Christian. My favorite way of answering that question is that “a dead guy came back to life.”  But then I followed up with that by sharing with him that it was looking into the resurrection of Christ and being open for God’s Holy Spirit to convict, convince, draw and save me by His grace as I investigated the gospel accounts and external sources for Jesus’ resurrection.  You see, Jesus died, and then rose from the dead three days later. He was not resuscitated. Continue reading

A Christian Response to the Atheist No Free Will Rant


One good question to ask an atheist is if they believe they have a “free will.” This question will present a response that will assist you in the direction of the conversation in one of two directions.

It will present either the answer in the affirmative, which means that you are dealing with someone who is more of an agnostic. The response to the negative is indicative that your skeptical conversant is more along the lines of embracing a scientism.  

That being said, atheists who reject the idea that they have a free will are what as known as eliminative materialists. Continue reading

Can You Test the Existence of God Like You Can Test Air?

The other day I received an email in our ministry inbox from an anti-theist. The reason I say anti-theist is because the person would be considered a lightweight in contrast to folks like Michael Ruse, John Gray, Alex Rosenberg, Kai Neilsen, or Brian Lieter.  
The purpose for emailing me was to take me on about something that I said in the Truth Matters program I was on back in March of this year. As it has been the case ever since I stopped allowing comments on my YouTube video, I get these humorous accusations from anti-theists telling me that I am dishonest and afraid of the dialogue.

The real reason is that I don’t like having to follow the venomous vitriolic rabbit trail seeking someone who wants to have a civil exchange. This is the reason why I have an email at the end of the videos, so as to give an opportunity for the viewer to contact us. By the way, I always welcome comments (so long as they abide by our comment policy) at the bottom or sending an email. I promise to keep it cordial.

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