The Real Issue Podcast: What is it about apologetics that we do not understand?


by Rob Lundberg

Ever hear the following objections to apologetics like “What am I apologizing for about my faith?” “Don’t you know that you cannot argue someone into the Kingdom of Heaven?” “I don’t need apologetics!” “We don’t need apologetics training in our church.” 

There is a huge misunderstanding about how important apologetics is in the church today. The culture is coming into the church. The people in the pews are in the culture but do not know how to engage it because their pastor is not hearing the conversations and hearing what they are experiencing. That is a big factor why this podcast is important in this day and time. Learn more in this show as Rob shares three aspects on how apologetics can be implemented in the daily walk of the believer.

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The Real Issue Podcast: Is Defending the Faith Biblical?

defending-the-faithApologetics is a long lost discipline in the church for many reasons, notwithstanding the progression of science in the 1800’s caused a reaction by the church to turn its theological moorings to feelings and experiences. Philosophy became a cuss word in the church, by overlooking the last phrase of Colossians 2:8.  This subject will be for another time, but what has happened to the spiritual discipline of using reason to give a reason for the hope that we have in Christ?

Some Christians think that giving a defense of the faith is argumentative and is found no place in Scripture. But in this show, Rob tears off the facade of anti-intellectualism and shows how Scripture supports believers defending the faith in the culture where God has them. If the Bible was completed before the end of the First Century, and support the task of apologetics, apologetics is certainly relevant for today in the Third Millennium.

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Is Defending the Faith Biblical?


by Rob Lundberg

One of the biggest concerns I have for the Christian church is the fact that we are right now behind the eight ball when it comes to engaging the culture.*  Being one who is in the culture, I am seeing a very dangerous thing happening when it comes to the churches being lulled into apathy when it comes to the defending the faith.

People who spend most of their time in the secular city, on their jobs, at the coffee shops and other venues, are being inundated with the static of the culture. The music, the media, milieux, and other venues are becoming more and more secularized. Continue reading

An Apologist’s Life of Worship

worshipby Rob Lundberg


Our family has had an interesting couple of years filled with joys, frustrations, and wonderful moments of ministry.  As one heavily entrenched with a passion to equip the body of Christ in the context of the defense of the faith, I have been reflecting upon the subject of worship in the life the apologist. Continue reading