What are People Saying?

Don’t You Think It’s Time . . . 
to Take the Blindfold OFF of “Blind Faith?”

“Christianity is a statement which, if false, is of no importance, and, if true, is of infinite importance. The one thing it cannot be is moderately important.”  – C.S. Lewis, God in the Dock

 Is Christianity true? I mean really objectively true. Why or why not? Can you or your congregation answer that question? I would venture to guess that most people cannot. A lot of people believe many things, sometimes correct things, for no good reason.

 It’s time to put a stop to this popular notion of “blind faith” and thinking with our emotions. God has not called us to that type of faith. He has called us to a reasoned faith, a trust in Christ based on good evidence. I can honestly say that I’m a Christian because I believe it’s objectively true, and I want to help other people be able to answer that question the same way.
Socrates said “The unexamined life isn’t worth living.” I would say the unexamined faith isn’t worth believing. That’s where apologetics, or defending the faith and knowing why we believe what we believe, come’s in. It’s time to show believers and unbelievers alike that Christianity is true and we have reason to believe it! Are you in?

We seek to make our presentations as personable and practical as possible so that your middle schooler can understand.  
Would you consider allowing me to give an apologetics presentation to your congregation, youth group, small group, etc.? 
What’s the Big Deal?
  • As much as 75-80% of teens and young adults leave the church after graduating high school or leaving home.
  • The supposed incompatibility of faith and reason is taught as dogma in our secular colleges and universities
  • Only 9% of professing Christians have a biblical worldview
  • Protestant denominations are shrinking while non-Christian religions are on the rise
  • “Tolerance” and “Political Correctness” are drowning out the call to faith in Jesus alone
  • The majority of Christians base their faith in Jesus on emotion and personal testimony alone.
  • Then take into consideration that the sinful nature battles the temptations presented on the smorgasbord of relative truth and morals, combined being away from anyone with a lifeline to moral accountability.  Peers, professors, the sinful nature is a bad mix.
Thank you for your interest in this ministry. If I can be of assistance to you, please let me know.

                                                       What are People Saying?
“I wanted to call you a few weeks ago and thank you for what you taught me at Ratio Christi. (friend’s name excluded) and I are working with a youth group now and are now starting the apologetics lesson by Matt Chandler. Not sure if I would have understood the importance of apologetics without you. Thanks for all you do. – Kenzie G. former Ratio Christi GCC student now attending missions training.

“Rob Lundberg really brings home to me the correct attitude from which to approach apologetics!”— Anonymous “What is Apologetics and Why is It Necessary?” workshop.“I took a couple classes with “Professor Lundberg” at FBI&S, and what he teaches has helped me in my understanding ministering as a chaplain in a setting where there are others embracing a different religion. Thank you Rob! — Artie C. former student and lay minister at Fredericksburg Bible Institute and Seminary
What Rob teaches needs to be taught in the church! His approach has given me confidence to talk to anyone about my Christian faith!” —  Kellie M., former student at Fredericksburg Bible Institute and Seminary“Rob gets “two thumbs up” in helping me understand world views and why my faith is true!” — C.S., an attendee at a “With So Many Worldviews, What is the Best Worldview?” presentation

“Rob doesn’t just tell us skeptics to believe something is true because he says it’s true. He really made me think about why the Bible is true which is something that I didn’t learn from the church Sunday school class before I became a skeptic.” — “Thomas”a skeptic from a local talk on “Is the Bible Trustworthy?”

“I appreciate Rob’s candor and straight forward explanations on why he thinks Christianity is true. I have been an atheist since my college years, and I appreciate how he does not condemn my unbelief but is willing to talk to me and not talk down to me.” — “Glen” from a local atheist group after attending a local community historical / religious celebration