Quick Thoughts

19642529_10156479597903747_533461751665533329_nWelcome to our Quick Thoughts page. This page is dedicated to answering some of the top objections coming against the Christian faith.

On this page, you will find the question below, and a link that will take you to another window with the response.  Please watch out for links as they hit this page are we are seeking to put them on as quick as we can respond to them. If you have a question that you would like a response to, please email us at realissueapologetic@yahoo.com.

                                       Questions & Objections w/Responses

Legalized Gambling:  Is it Really All What It’s Cracked Up to Be?  (Link)
What is eternal life? (Link)
Can there be “another Jesus,” “another Spirit,” and “another gospel?” (Link)
Can we be sure that God exists?  (Link)
What do you mean by “worldview”? (Link)
What does it mean to be a Christian?  (Link)
How could God really hear the prayers of so many people? (Link)


If you like what you have read, let us know!  There is more!  Rob is a blogger, writer and public speaker on a mission to empower the believer to articulate what they believe and to communicate the message of the gospel in our post Christian culture.

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