Ministry Event, July 13-14 Apologetics Boot Camp

Truth Be Told ABC
Join us for the Apologetics Boot Camp, July 13-14 2018

Have you ever wondered how to answer objections like:

  • Where do truth and morals come from and are they absolute or relative?
  • Do all religions say the same thing and lead the same place when life is done?
  • Is the Bible credible and is it the Word of God?
  • Why is Christianity true? and
  • If God exists, then why is there evil in the world?

Do you have another question that might be plaguing you about the Christian faith, that you have wanted to get an answer for?

On Friday July 13th (7:30 PM) and Saturday July 14th (9:00 AM) we would like to cordially invited you to an event that is in conjunction with this ministry and the student ministry team at Iglesia Pentecostal Cristo la Roca called, “The Apologetics Boot Camp.”  This is a FREE event, and it is the first of its kind in the Fredericksburg area. 

The event is open to all, but the target audience is ranging from Middle Schoolers on up to Young Adults (college). If you do not fall that range, do not let that prohibit you from attending.  With 75-88% of our kids walking away from the faith in Middle School, High School, and college, and the rise of secularism and the post truth ideology pervading, this event is too important not to miss.  We are told by the Apostle Peter that we as the  church need to be “ready to give a reason for the hope that we have with gentleness and respect” (1 Peter 3:15).  

Our desire is to demonstrate this and equip you to do that as well.  Join us on July 13th and 14th for the Apologetics Boot Camp. The event will be held at 15 Butler Road, Fredericksburg, VA 22405.  For more information contact this ministry at 540.424.2305.


Is the Historical Christian Faith Compatible with Socialism?

cropped-robgoodgravatar.jpgby Rob Lundberg

I usually do not get involved in the political issues but because of the temperature of our nation and around the world, I believe it is important to clarify what it means to have a biblical worldview in an ever changing world.  Besides, Jesus spoke to not just religious issues of His but also delved in matters of politics as He addressed the religio-political groups of the Pharisees and Sadducees of that day.

Someone once said that there are a couple things you do not want to argue about. One is religion and the other is politics. However with the culture creeping into the church, there seems no better of a time to engage a matter that often challenges people when it comes to the church and the matter of socialism.
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Four Quick Answers to the BIG 4 Objections

by Rob Lundberg

In just a few weeks, I will be addressing students at an Apologetics Boot Camp on some of the most popular questions challenging the faith.  In this post I am reminded of recent conversations with church members and family members of church members who have questions about truth, and other issues on the Christian faith (God’s existence, the Bible and the resurrection of Jesus). These are the biggies, if you will and what I would like to give short popcorn responses in this post.  There are four questions or objections that are quite popular.

The answers to these topics affect one’s faith in one way or another, and are what I call the BIG FOUR:
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Is Morality Relative or Absolute?

cropped-robgoodgravatar.jpgby Rob Lundberg

If someone were to tell you and I that “no moral standards are absolute” how would you respond?  Some hold to a standard of the cultural creed, “that may be right for you, but it is not right for me.”  This objection is one of those hot button topics that I will be addressing at the upcoming Apologetics Boot Camp on July 13th and 14th.  Please be sure to check out the video announcement on our page down below.  Continue reading “Is Morality Relative or Absolute?”

Is Reason the Enemy of Faith?


by Rob Lundberg


This past week, on The Real Issue podcast, I addressed the subject of faith, and how some well meaning Christians, seem to think that the Holy Spirit does not use evidence in the conviction process in evangelism or the discipleship of a believer. The picture in the post is actually a church picture that hit Facebook some time ago.
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