Is Morality Relative or Absolute?

cropped-robgoodgravatar.jpgby Rob Lundberg

If someone were to tell you and I that “no moral standards are absolute” how would you respond?  Some hold to a standard of the cultural creed, “that may be right for you, but it is not right for me.”  This objection is one of those hot button topics that I will be addressing at the upcoming Apologetics Boot Camp on July 13th and 14th.  Please be sure to check out the video announcement on our page down below.  Continue reading “Is Morality Relative or Absolute?”

Is Reason the Enemy of Faith?


by Rob Lundberg


This past week, on The Real Issue podcast, I addressed the subject of faith, and how some well meaning Christians, seem to think that the Holy Spirit does not use evidence in the conviction process in evangelism or the discipleship of a believer. The picture in the post is actually a church picture that hit Facebook some time ago.
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So, Does the Universe Have a Beginning?

by Rob Lundberg

In following up with my previous post on God creating the universe, let me say that I am always excited whenever I am in a conversation with a skeptic who is willing to admit, that the universe began to exist.  However, there are still those out there that are still taking a blind leap to believe that the universe has always been, and did not have a beginning to its existence. Continue reading “So, Does the Universe Have a Beginning?”