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Is Creation Science a Legitimate Science?, 11/11/2018
With All the Problems of Evolution, Don’t You Make a Monkey Out of Me!, 11/4/2018
Rob on Titus Kuepfer and David Russell:  Proselytize or Apostatize Podcast, 11/3/2018
If I Were a Pastor What Would the Church I Pastor Look Like?, 10/28/2018
Why Do We Need to Change Our Paradigm for Ministry
?, 10/21/2018
The Top 10 + 1 Questions to Help You Start a Spiritual Conversation, 10/15/2018
Is Believing in Absolute Truth or That Christianity is True Intolerant?, 10/7/2018
Knowing Truth to Test a Worldview, 9/30/2018
Understanding the Problem of Doubt, 9/23/2018

The Goal of Apologetics is Evangelism, 9/16/2018
National Apologetics Awareness Week Show: What is Apologetics?, 9/9/2018
What is the Greatest Apologetics Chapter in the Greatest Apologetics Book?, 9/2/2018
Pastors, How Well are You Equipping Your Church? 8/26.2018
The New Age Worldview Part 4: Helpful Hints for Talking to New Agers & Skeptics, 8/19/2018

The New Age Worldview Part 3: Responding to the New Age Worldview, 8/12/2018
The New Age Worldview Part 2: What is it and What Does it Look Like? , 8/5/2018 

The New Age Worldview Part 1: How Did It Get Here?, 7/29/2018
What Did Jesus Think of Scripture?, 7/22/2018

A Summary of the Apologetics Boot Camp and Understanding What an Evidential Faith Looks Like, 7/15/2018
Interview with Julissa Mena from the Apologetics Boot Camp & What You Need to Know About Apologetics, 7/8/2018
Rethinking Evangelism in a Post Christian Culture  7/1/2018
The What, Whys, and Wherefores of Apologetics in Life and the Church   6/24/2018
Do All Religious Worldviews Answer the Important Questions the Same Way? 6/17/2018

Are All the Major Religions Gods the Same as the God of the Bible?  6/10/18
What is Faith and Is Evidence an Enemy of Faith? 6/3/18
If Truth Exists, Then God Exists 5/27/18
What Truth is and What it is NOT 5/20/18
Are Apologetics and Evangelism Compatible? 5/13/18
How are We to Understand and Respond to the Alfie Evans Case? 5/6/18
The Problem of the Fallout of Christian Kids in College and a Solution 4/29/18
A Response to the Three Faces of Evil 4/22/18
What About Those Who Have Never Heard of Jesus? 4/15/18
Understanding the Cultural Buzzwords in a Post Truth Culture 4/8/18