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What is Apologetics and Is it Biblical                                      (DOC)

Answering the Big Four Objections to the Christian Faith   (DOC)

A Study of the Doctrine of the Triune God (Trinity)              (DOC)

What is the Relationship between Apologetics and Evangelism?  (DOC)

Thoughts About the Reason Rally, Conversations in the Midst of Un-reason  (DOC)
*This article also appeared in The Baptist Banner, Vol. XXV, No. 6, June/July 2012.

The Three Faces of Evil and the Christian Response (DOC)
*This article also appeared in The Baptist Banner, Vol. XXVI, No. 8 September 2013. 


Apologetics Resources (Categorized by discipline and level) (DOC)
Apologetics Resources for Young People                                     (DOC)


Part One: Introduction to Apologetics (DOC)
Part Two: The Historicity of Jesus        (DOC)
Part Three: 
Our Dependence on the New Testament Documents   (DOC)
Part Four: 
Evidence for the Early Existence of the New Testament  (DOC)
Part Five: 
Archaeological Support for the New Testament (DOC)
Part Six:  
Manuscript Attestation For The New Testament  (DOC)
Part Seven:
The New Testament: Truth or Forgery?             (DOC)