Are the Reports of What was Seen at Jesus’ Tomb in Conflict?

In our series on what happened at the tomb, we come to the third installment, to answer the question of what was seen at the tomb and whether the gospel writers are in conflict what they record.  As you recall, this series was sourced in a series of emails I received a few years ago.

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Are there contradictions in the time the women went to the tomb?

Continuing on the series on what happened at the tomb, another skeptic tells me that there is a problem with what the gospel writers record with reference to the time of day when the women arrived at the tomb of Jesus. Whenever critics of the Bible see one account differing from another in wording or phrasing, they are quick to point out that the gospel writers cannot be in agreement with one another.

This post is going to demonstrate that there really is no problem, and that there are no contradictions between the writers. 

Are all Deities the Same?

The difference between the Jewish view of God and the Christian view is that while both believe in the same God, Jews reject the triune nature of God by rejecting Jesus as the Messiah.  Both faiths believe God is personal, and loving and can be known in a relationship, Jews do not believe in a strong relationship. Both religions believe that God answers prayer, though there may be different understands of what that looks and sounds like.

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