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Living with Clarity in a World Spinning Sidewards, Thrive Christian Fellowship, 07/07/2019


Answering the Objections to Apologetics Today, 01/12/2020
The Plague of the Prosperity Gospel Word Faith Movement, 01/05/2020
How Apologetics Reinforces Our Life of Worship, 12/29/2019
What is the Significance of the Virgin Birth of Jesus?, 12/22/2019
Is Jesus a Copycat Messiah Coming from Mithras?, 12/15/2019
What is Faith, and Is Faith, Reasonable?, 12/8/2019
Is It Narrow-minded and Intolerant to Believe Truth and Morals are Absolute, 12/1/2019
Repeat Thanksgiving Special / What is the Difference Between the Social Justice Movement and Biblical Justice, 11/24/2019

How Not to Interpret Scripture and Why Scholarship and the Holy Spirit Help the Church, 11/17/2019
What is the Bible? Eight Things You Need to Know, 11/10/2019
How Apologetics Aides in Our Evangelism to Reach the “Cultured Happy Pagan”, 11/3/2019
The Nature of Truth in a World of Preferences, 10/27/2019
Understanding and Responding to the Cultural Understanding of ‘Toleration’, 10/20/2019
The Top Ten Cultural Questions to Ask Non Christians, 10/13/2019
What Does it Mean to Hold a Biblical Christian Worldview?, 10/06/2019
The Intolerance Behind the COEXIST Bumper Sticker, 09/29/2019
Are All Deities the Same & How Do We Know God Exists?, 09/22/2019
Four Reasons We Need to Defend the Faith in a Post Christian Culture, 09/15/2019
A Dad and Daughter Discussion II on the Summit 2019 Experience & What Purpose Does Apologetics Have in the Church?

Ten Plus One Questions You Can Use to Begin an Evangelistic Conversation, 09/01/2019
Moralistic Therapeutic Deism Americas New Understanding of the Christian Faith  08/25/2019
Is Marty Sampson’s “Faith Crisis” Indicative of the Anti-intellectualism in the Church? 08/18/2019
The Cosmic Chaos of New Age Science, 08/11/2019

The Bankruptcy of New Age Ethics’ Moral Relativism, 08/04/2019
What is the Philosophy Behind the New Age?, 07/28/2019
What is the Theology of the New Age?, 07/21/2019
Living with Clarity in a World Spinning Sidewards, 07/14/2019
What is the New Age Worldview?, 07/07/2019
Slavery and the Bible Part 2 Answering Two Skeptical Challenges, 06/30/2019
The Bible and the Issue of Slavery & What Does the Bible Have to Say About It?, 06/23/2019
How Does Apologetics Help Our Kids & Young People Keep Their Faith? , 06/16/2019
Is Proverbs 22:6 a Guarantee Your Kids Will Keep Their Faith? Yes and No!, 06/09/2019
What is the Social Justice Movement and Is it Biblical?, 06/2/2019
What is Cultural Marxism / Are Socialism or Communism Seen in the Bible?, 05/26/2019
A Dad and Daughter Discussion on Summit Ministries and Three Competing Worldviews,  05/19/2019
What is Your Worldview?, 05/12/2019
Ten Arguments for the Existence of God, 05/05/2019
Why 66 Books of the Bible and No More?, 04/28/2019
Why I Believe in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, 04/21/2019
What is the Gospel?, 04/14/2019
Five Powerful Reasons to Believe God Exists, 04/07/2019
Miracles versus Magic (Part 2)
, 3/31/2019
Miracles versus Magic (Part 1),
Is Intellectual Suicide a Requirement for Becoming a Christians & Why Do We Need 
Apologetics in the Post Christian Culture?, 3/17/2019
Four Questions Which Prove Religious Pluralism Wrong
, 3/10/2019

How to Recognize a Cult and Cultic Teaching, 3/3/2019
Is Science at War with Faith?, 2/24/2019
Recognizing and Dismantling Self Defeating Statements in a Winsome Manner, 2/17/2019
What is Truth and Is it Intolerant to Believe that Truth is Absolute?, 2/10/2019
What Does the Christian Worldview Look Like?, 2/3/2019
Why Defend the Faith?, 1/27/2019
What Does it Mean to Be Pro-life in a Pro-Death Culture?, 1/20/2019
What Does it Mean to Have a Biblical Faith?, 1/13/2019
A Wake Up Call to the Church for 2019, 1/6/2019
Are the Gospels a Reliable Source for Jesus Christ?, 12/23/2018

Is Christmas a Pagan Holiday?, 12/16/2018
What is the Significance of the Virgin Birth of Jesus?, 12/9/2018
How Can There Be Only One Way to God?, 12/2/2018
Is Karma Compatible with a Biblical Worldview?, 11/25/2018
Did Jesus Address the Issue of Same Sex Relationships and Polyamory? 11/18/2018
Is Creation Science a Legitimate Science?, 11/11/2018

With All the Problems of Evolution, Don’t You Make a Monkey Out of Me!, 11/4/2018

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