Here are some website resources that I would like to recommend. . . 

Anchorsaway Ministries – Anchorsaway is a college-level Christian worldview educational experience targeting high school juniors and seniors and college students. Their purpose is to encourage each student’s biblical and spiritual growth as they confidently live out their faith in every area of life. Anchorsaway offers curriculum, downloads and conferences for teachers, group facilitators, and homeschool groups to ensure the anchoring of authentic faith in Christ and students’ ability to give a reason for their faith when encountering tough questions.

Apologetics 315 — A virtual apologetics library. Developed by Brian Auten, it is a place where you can get daily apologetics resources including MP3 audio, debates, podcasts, book reviews, quotes, and more.

Belief Map
 – An apologetics tool designed as a comprehensive research to investigate questions of faith in great depth. It maps academic responses and counter-responses to these questions. BeliefMap is designed as an encyclopedia to be quickly navigated, in an interactive choose-your-own path format that feels like a conversation with an expert.

Bethinking – Be is UCCS’s Apologetics Website full of resources to enhance Christian thinking in the marketplace of ideas. On this page are resources from some of the ministries linked here to this website. You can also sign up for email updates on new resources to help you be a thinker, in your concentric circle of concern.

Christian Apologetics Resource Ministry (CARM) — Christian Apologetics and Research Ministries–material on doctrine, cults, evolution.

Christian Apologetics Alliance – A rapidly growing group of Christian bloggers, writers, teachers, clergy, students, and others dedicated to the idea that the Christian faith is not only a reasonable faith but that it is also rationally supportable. In making their case for Christianity, they employ the tools of logic, philosophical argument, science, and history.

Cold Case Christianity – J. Warner Wallace is a cold-case homicide detective, popular national speaker and best-selling author. This website is loaded with resources for you to become a “forensic thinker” so that you will be able to articulate your faith in a winsome and intelligent manner.

Cross Examined – 3 out of 4 Christian teens walk away from the church after they leave home. The CrossExamined team, led by Frank Turek, is committed to reversing this alarming trend. Frank Turek is one of the premier and most recommended speakers for university campus groups. Check out Cross Examined’s ReasonU page as well for more equipping opportunities.

Del Tackett (Truth Encounter Project) – This site is for those who have been “awakened” by their encounters with God and His Truth. It is a place where I hope and pray you will find encouragement… maybe some prodding… maybe some equipping. It is a place for you to engage one another as you ponder the depths of who He is.

Engage360 –  This ministry exists to come alongside churches and Christian groups to help them to better know their faith and to be able to effectively share it with others.

I Will Go Ministries – This ministry is about teaching high school and college students as well as college students who are entering the field of youth ministry.

The Institute of Biblical Defense (IBD) – a Christian apologetics ministry, led by Phil Fernandes, dedicated to helping train Christians to boldly defend the faith. The Institute provides training in theology, philosophy, Christian apologetics, world religions, counter cult studies and much more.

Women in Apologetics – 
The vision and mission is to engage, inspire, and equip Christian females to develop an evidential faith.

Alisa Childers   Whether you’re a seeker, a doubting Christian, or strong Christian wanting to become better at articulating your faith, Alisa’s page will encourage you and equip you.

Christian Mom Thoughts Natasha Crain will help you get better equipped for Christian parenting in a secular world! Check out her page and posts.

Mama Bear Apologetics Apologetics teaching, encouragement, and articles written by women and moms for women and moms. A Mama Bear has two primary instincts: nurturing and protecting. This website will help get moms involved in spiritually equipping their children for the real world.

Maven  The culture is speaking to our kids. Every. Single. Day.  Gender identity. Sexual orientation. Pornography. Casual sex. Consumerism. Affluence. Substance abuse. Violence. Technology. Social media. Entertainment. Racial tension. Pluralism. Secularism. Atheism. Are they ready for these conversations? Are we? Maven’s ministry seeks to do it in culturally-savvy and relevant ways.

The Poached Egg – The Poached Egg, a subsidiary of Ratio Christi, is a daily blog where Christian apologetics, history, philosophy, science, theology, and pop culture collide. Their goal is to help guide believers, seekers, and skeptics alike to the Ultimate Source of Truth and to a better understanding of what it means to have a Christian worldview.

Oxford Center for Christian Apologetics – Programs in length from 1 week to 2 years. OCCA is a partnership between Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) and Wycliffe Hall, aPermanent Private Hall of Oxford University.   A life transforming experience, combining effective evangelism with academic rigor for lay people, students, and academics.

Paul Gould — a philosopher, a scholar, a teacher, a husband, and father. Most importantly, a follower of Christ. Paul believes that Jesus is man’s greatest need and our highest good.

Project360 – Led by Tim McGrew, the team at Project 360 combats the erosion of the Christian faith, utilizing the best content of the past and present to create high-quality, low-cost resources that will make an enduring impact on the future.Project 360 aims to create a community of passionate, articulate defenders of the Christian faith who use our resources to engage with honest seekers and to build up the character and confidence of believers, one person at a time.

RZIM – Ravi Zacharias International Ministries is a global apologetics speaking ministry led by Ravi Zacharias. RZIM has speakers and offices in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Romania, Turkey, the Middle East, India, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Ray Ciervo Ministries— New Jersey-Ray conducts seminars, conferences, and classes on subjects including building a biblical worldview, creation vs. evolution, world religions, the reliability of the Bible, moral relativism and the necessity of truth. Ray focuses on showing the historical evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ, God’s Son.

Reasons for God (Carson Weitnauer) – a website that will to resolve your doubts and renew your purpose in life.

The Spiritual Readiness Project – A Project 360 Initiative. Helping churches, and ministers of the gospel to effectively live out and communicate an intelligent faith toward rapidly changing skeptical world.

Stand to Reason – Led by Greg Koukl, Stand to Reason is one of the premier organizations training Christians to think more clearly about their faith and to make an even-handed, incisive, yet gracious defense for classical Christianity and classical Christian values in the public square.

Summit Ministries — Summit Ministries is an educational Christian ministry whose very existence is a response to our current post-Christian culture. Today, countless Christian youth have fallen victim to the popular ideas of our modern world. Most have adopted these ideas into their own worldview, while still others go on to renounce their Christian faith altogether. Summit views its role in God’s kingdom as a catalyst to counteract this alarming trend. However, our ultimate goal supersedes simply training. As Christians are challenged to stand strong in their faith and defend truth, they will also be equipped to have a positive influence on the society in which they live.


The Case for Christianity: Part 1 : The Historicity of the Bible 
The Case for Christianity: Part 2 :  The Authenticity of Bible 
The Case for Christianity: Part 3 :  Who is Jesus? 
The Case for Christianity: Part 4 :  Who is Jesus?  His Resurrection 
The Case for Christianity: Part 5 :  What did Jesus Believe about the Bible?


Answering Islam

Debate Website (Jay Smith, et al)

Muslim Journey to Hope

Muslim Hope

Pfander Center for Apologetics — Pfander engages Islam through research, writing, film, informal and formal debates. The primary aim of this website is to provide an environment where we are free to engage the ideas of Islam, by asking questions, presenting material that probes the historical and theological reliability of the Islamic texts, whilst also providing a Christian response to it.

The Good Way

Radical Truth –The mission of Radical Truth is to equip the body of Christ with the training necessary to effectively engage Muslims with the gospel of Jesus Christ and to remove stumbling blocks to a Muslim accepting the gospel. We mobilize the body of Christ to apply the principles of The Great Commission among the Muslim world.

The Straight Way

Crescent Project

Arabic Bible

Online Islamic Library – Ahmadiya

Online Islamic Library – Sunni

Wiki Islam


Logical Fallacies Information Page
Logically Fallacious (Ultimate Collection of Over 300 Fallacies) 
University of Purdue Online Writing Lab (Logical Fallacies)
University of Texas El Paso Master List of Logical Fallacies