Can We Talk, Pastor to Pastor?


Having served as pastor, I understand that when it comes to understanding the task and discipline of “apologetics” there is a sense of intimidation with some of you. When it comes to understanding the culture, as a pastor, you may fit in one of three categories:

The All In Pastor – you are the one who understands that  there is a problem in our culture and that apologetics can be a tool to help equip your church, defend the church from false teachings trying to get a voice, and to see it as a means of fulfilling your mission of “equipping the body for service” (Ephesians 4:12).

“The I’m Definitely Interested Pastor – you are the one who has heard of an apologetics revival.  You know that there is a problem and you want to know more of how apologetics helps equip your church, defend the church from heresies trying to get a voice, and see it as a means of fulfilling your mission of “equipping the body for service” (Ephesians 4:12).

The Pastor Who Says ‘Just Give Me Jesus & the Bible’ – Did you know that apologetics is a biblical discipline and that the greatest Apologist is Jesus (yes Jesus did apologetics), and the great apologetics book is the Bible. I have Bible study that we are putting together to show you that there is a problem you need to be aware of and that you do not need to be intimidated with this word or discipline known as apologetics (1 Peter 3:15; Jude 3).

So. . . How can I serve you in helping your people share Jesus? 

Having been a pastor, I understand the job description for pastors and teachers is described by the Apostle Paul in Ephesians 4:12, “to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up. . .

Pastor, here are a couple of questions to ask yourself. . .  How are you equipping your people evangelistically, and apologetically engage and reach this post Christian culture for Jesus?  and . . .What can I do to help my church be more engaged evangelistically?

To see why these questions are important, please watch this video from my friend J. Warner Wallace and  let me know your thoughts


40% – Only 40% of American Christians attend church regularly.

The church can no longer be doing this when our kids are walking away

82% – The fact is, over 82% of American Christians only read their Bibles on Sunday while in church (Ponce Foundation).

50% – Nearly 50% of Christians who attend church weekly do not believe that the Bible is the actual Word of God (Gallup Poll).

57% – 57% of American Christians believe other religions can lead to eternal life (Ponce Foundation).

To learn more on the condition of Evangelical Church in America click here

Then consider the following. . .

Our kids are being targeted and “slaughtered” (spiritually speaking) by a secular culture, in the public schools, colleges and universities.

We need to inoculate and equip them as early as Middle School now. Why?

88% leave the church at the age of 18 (Southern Baptist Council on Family Life)

63% do not believe that Jesus is the Son of God (Josh McDowell and David Bellis, The Last Christian Generation).

70%  leave the church between 17 and 19 years of age, (Lifeway Research)

90% of active youth in high school programs drop out of church (Jossey-Bass, The Present Future: Six Tough Questions for the Church)

60% disconnect from their churches after the age of 15 (David Kinnaman Barna Research Group)

Allow me to come alongside you and help you do that.


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