Meet Rob

Rob Lundberg, Director

Welcome to my website. On this page, I would like to share with you a little about myself, and my passion.

First let me share that I am a follower of Jesus Christ, who redeemed me out of apathetic skepticism (apatheism) in 1980. It was after my conversion, when wanting to know why Christianity is true that I immersed myself into the task and discipline of apologetics. All I can say is that the Holy Spirit, who drew me to the gospel through several lines of evidence, validated the Christian faith to me and directed me to a church in 1980 where I heard the gospel, that Christ died for my sins, was buried and rose from the dead, all according to the Scriptures.

Let me say that I have found it a common experience for those of us that are excited about apologetics, to have trouble finding the same enthusiasm from pastors and congregants in our churches.  

Apologetics (or pre-evangelism) is far too important to remain isolated from most people in the Church.  Christians today likely need apologetics more than ever before.

However, helping Christians understand the true value of apologetics can still be a significant challenge. Our world is becoming more skeptical and with all the objections that are confronting the Christian faith, what if we were to rethink our methods of reaching people, and stop trying to convince the church that they need to do apologetics?

The question would be, “How do you help them learn apologetics if you stop trying to convince them about the value of apologetics?”

Apologetics, “the handmaiden of Evangelism”

What if we focused on efforts primarily on helping Christians to share their faith and have spiritual conversations in everyday life?

A recent Barna survey indicated that only 13% of Christians who regularly attend church have a spiritual conversation once a week.  Our efforts in apologetics will best serve the Church by helping Christians to seek out spiritual conversations and equipping them to be effective when having those conversations.

This will not only lead to a more confident evangelism but also the building up the faith of those we help train.

Many Christians who have a desire to share their faith and do evangelism, often feel this way when objections surface. Some of those objections may be harboring in their own minds.

This is because there has been a tectonic paradigm shift in our culture that church evangelism ministries are either ignoring or they are totally oblivious of existing.  And this is why Christian apologetics is necessary  as a “handmaiden for evangelism” today.


What do you mean a tectonic shift?

This tectonic shift has moved us from a postmodern culture to a post-truth culture.  Today’s culture thinks nothing of taking personal preferences  over propositional truth. Those preferences are rooted in materialism, narcissism, hedonism, relativism, moral preferences, and all kinds of skepticism.  I think we do not look have to look too far to realized that we  live in challenging times.

In such an age of confusion and chaos how does one find answers to life’s deepest realities and questions? Christian apologist, Ravi Zacharias has said, “We have right to believe anything but not everything we believe is right.”

How are we to reach this culture with all the static in the way of seeing truth and Christ clearly?  We call it conversational evangelism (that is undergirded by apologetics). People have good questions, and sometimes those questions have underlying questions attached to their primary question that might hinder a direct answer.  With reference culture on a global perspective, Ravi Zacharias has confirmed, that “the questions have not changed, but rather it is how those questions are articulated and how our answers come across in the culture.”

To follow up this with a summarizing thought from a talk from Michael Ramsden,  “It is always wrong to give the right answer to the wrong question.”   This is why we need a different method of communicating the life changing message of the unchanging gospel. We teach you how to do this: break down the questions to get the message of the gospel through.

In a world where the church is proclaiming with fervency that “Jesus is the answer, Jesus is the answer,” the culture’s response is something along the lines of, “if Jesus is the answer then what is the question?” America is now an “anti-Christian” culture embracing a post-truth mindset, with a smorgasbord of ideologies, and moral issues fastening themselves to this mindset which are challenging the Christian worldview.

If you check out our material and resources, I am thoroughly convinced that once you understand WHY Christianity is true, your testimony (HOW) will become more solidified, and you will be ready to share with anybody the credible answers to those questions objecting to the Christian faith.

What do I do now?

I am a writer and a blogger who has had some of my posts featured and published on the Apologetics315 page as well as being a contributor with posts featured on The Poached Egg Apologetics Resource Page

I also have a few larger irons in the fire on responding to the new atheism, writings in response to religious pluralism, and an outline put together for a church apologetics manual.

Being a teacher and a writer, I have written and taught four courses on the subjects of entry level apologetics, worldviews, the authenticity of the Bible, and a full semester course on the resurrection of Jesus Christ for the Fredericksburg Bible Institute and Seminary (now Cornerstone College and Seminary) in Fredericksburg, VA.

I have also served as a professor in Upstate NY (at the Northeast Branch of Mid America Baptist Theological Seminary and the Hudson Valley Bible Institute, teaching courses on cult evangelism and apologetics, world religions, and church history.

In the past, I have served as a pastor. But currently, I make myself available for various venues to speak to churches, and to student groups. I also host a weekly podcast that addresses all kinds of topics engaging the Christian faith. If you would like me to come and speak to your church, I offer our Defenders Boot Camp, where we train and offer a  question and answer session as a way of capping off the event. 

More about Rob. . .

While in NY and in Virginia, I have appeared on numerous radio and television programs, with the most recent being on Ratio Christi TV’s Truth Matters program on the NRB Channel (Click here to view the program).  I have also been interviewed on several podcasts on matters of apologetics issues and conversational evangelism.

You can find out more about my formal background by using the links below. Let me just say that as a missionary to the church and to the culture, my  view of the world does not just target the local college campuses and coffee shops. It also includes various venues, with a global focus.

One of those venues is wherever I find myself, which includes my job. I believe no matter where we find ourselves, we do not have to compartmentalize our Christian faith, unlike what the secularized culture would like us to think.  So whether it has been a mission trip to the Republic of Moldova or a Skype meeting reaching a medical college India or my job being a missionary to the auto industry, my understanding of today’s culture is from a worldview perspective, knowing how to communicate on various levels the truth claims of the Christian faith.

When you talk to me, you will find that I enjoy conversations ranging from sports, to trivial matters, all the way down to  the rigorous issues for why the Christian faith is true. As a moment by moment disciple of Christ, I seek to incorporate Christian apologetics as a spiritual discipline that undergirds my ministry of evangelism into my daily living.  Being a missionary and evangelist, my target is always the gospel.

I am currently serving as a “tent-maker” Chapter Director and Community Apologist with Ratio Christi and am the founder and director of Rob Lundberg Apologetics Ministries (RLAM). I am married to my lovely wife, Kathy, and we have a daughter Christine.

Here are some other ways you can see what I am up to. . . 


Favorites List

Favorite ApologistsRavi Zacharias, C. S. Lewis, Blaise Pascal, Norman Geisler, R. C Sproul, Francis Schaeffer, J. P. Moreland, Frank Turek, J Warner Wallace

Favorite Apologetic BooksPenseesScaling the Secular CityTactics, I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist, Stealing from God, Correct but Not Politically Correct,  True Spirituality, How Then Shall We Live, Can Man Live Without God, Mere Christianity, Screwtape Letters, Cold Case Christianity, God’s Crime Scene, Alive, Forensic Faith, The Case For Christ, The Case for Faith, Evidence That Demands a Verdict, The writings of Norman Geisler.

Favorite Treats:  Klondike Bars, Peppermint Patties, Heath Bars, Black Raspberry Ice Cream, Maple Walnut Ice Cream

Hobbies:  Fishing, target shooting, archery, Baseball, blogging, writing, coffee shop dialogues with skeptics and believers alike

Favorite Fictional BooksThe HobbitThe Lord of Rings, and The Narnia Chronicles

Favorite MoviesThe Hobbit and  Lord of the Rings TrilogiesThe Dark Knight Trilogies, God’s Not Dead 1 & 2, Do You Believe?, The Hunt for Red October (and like action genre movies).

Favorite BandsPhatfish, Getty Music, Mercy Me, Third Day, Of King and Country, Kerry Livgren & AD,  Apologetix, Michael Card, and Aryn Michelle