The Real Issue Podcast: What is it about apologetics that we do not understand?


by Rob Lundberg

Ever hear the following objections to apologetics like “What am I apologizing for about my faith?” “Don’t you know that you cannot argue someone into the Kingdom of Heaven?” “I don’t need apologetics!” “We don’t need apologetics training in our church.” 

There is a huge misunderstanding about how important apologetics is in the church today. The culture is coming into the church. The people in the pews are in the culture but do not know how to engage it because their pastor is not hearing the conversations and hearing what they are experiencing. That is a big factor why this podcast is important in this day and time. Learn more in this show as Rob shares three aspects on how apologetics can be implemented in the daily walk of the believer.

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Is Defending the Faith Biblical?


by Rob Lundberg

One of the biggest concerns I have for the Christian church is the fact that we are right now behind the eight ball when it comes to engaging the culture.*  Being one who is in the culture, I am seeing a very dangerous thing happening when it comes to the churches being lulled into apathy when it comes to the defending the faith.

People who spend most of their time in the secular city, on their jobs, at the coffee shops and other venues, are being inundated with the static of the culture. The music, the media, milieux, and other venues are becoming more and more secularized. Continue reading

Stephen Hawking Allow Me to Introduce to you, Puddleglum the Marshwiggle

by Rob Lundberg 

Some time ago, Stephen Hawking made a statement that “a belief that heaven or an after life awaits us is a ‘fairy story’ for people afraid of death”.  Christian Mathematician and Scientist Dr. John Lennox tells of a similar story where Hawking stated that believing in the after life was a “fairy story for those who are afraid of the dark.

Whether is it being afraid of death or afraid of the dark, here is a man, who’s body is plagued by ALS (Lou Gherig’s Disease, a motor neuron disease) since the age of 21, and is being kept alive along with his brilliant mind by a machine which enables him to communicate through a voice synthesizer and types the words that he wishes to communicate through selective eye movements.

Indeed in his condition we see the wonderful meeting of man and the wonderful technology of computerized machinery.  But that does NOT mean that man is a mere machine!  More on Hawking can be found here. Continue reading