Solutions We Offer

I am seeking to produce written and videos (Coming soonresponses speaking to issues in our culture and in the church at large.   If you go on over to my Resource page, you can peruse and print out what you see, and create a folio or use in a Bible study or small group. Use what you see, create a folio or put them in your Bible.

As for the videos, my goal is to provide a great way for sharing with Christians, skeptics, and seekers thinking about the big questions of life, Jesus, and the Christian faith.

This ministry is seeking to hold events for information and conferences for equipping believers with confidence, encouragement and equipping to go out and confidently articulate their faith and the gospel. We seek out venues no matter where we find ourselves for empowering Christians to share the gospel with their friends, family and colleagues.

Our blog will present tools for sharing the gospel, stories (when we find them) of how Jesus transforms lives, articles on the big questions and commentary on our culture seen through the Christian worldview.

Scripture commands us to defend our faith.  Reason demands that we understand our faith in order to live it our and communicate it to others.  And our culture is demanding that you and I to be able to “give a reason for the hope that we have, and do it with gentleness and respect” (1 Peter 3:15).

If we are confident in what we believe, we will be able to articulate the gospel.  But first ask yourself, can you answer two questions:

1. Is what you believe really real? and
2. Why do you believe what you believe with out giving your personal testimony?

When you know why you believe, you will be ready, willing, and able to witness to anyone who is looking for truth in a conversational manner. People in our culture are looking for hope.  True hope is found in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ knowing you have eternal life.

What we also provide. . .

We provide equipping workshops and events geared to help you, and your church become more confident, and ready to share Christ in our culture. We do this by helping you start spiritual conversations, through the means of listening to the person, and then engaging the objection with gentleness and respect.  The goal is continue in the conversation with the target objective of bringing the gospel into the discussion. When we do that, we will see the Holy Spirit at work, in both of the conversants in the conversation. 

cropped-rob-sharing-in-the-pm-session-expressive.jpgHere is a list of some ideas to help spark some interest to help you grow in your confidence in communicating your faith and ways to introduce apologetics as a tool for outreach in your church.

  • Panel discussions about topics of interest (i.e., on cultural hot button issues of our day);
  • Provide training for local outreaches to those who need to know the credibility of the gospel and the Christian faith, (i.e., reaching out to skeptical groups rallying in local areas);
  • Conduct church workshops, helping answer some of the popular objections to the Christian faith;
  • Facilitate small group studies for equipping a group or groups to make a difference in their concentric circles of influence;
  • Hold movie nights, showing “Mining for God“;
  • View and discuss pre-recorded or Live Online debates;
  • Provide training sessions on varied apologetic themes (absolutes v. relativism, problem of evil, God’s existence, worldview, abortion, evidence for Jesus’ resurrection, etc.);
  • Conduct open discussions and training through role play, to explore subjects and exchange tips.  This gives us an opportunity to try our hand at uncomfortable discussions;

  • Watch the presentations of well-known Christian thinkers as discussion starters;
  • Conduct presentations on subjects related to apologetics & evangelism w/ Q & A. 
  • If you’re interested in any of these or have another idea that would meet your church’s need, feel free to contact us by email.