What This Ministry Offers

One of the opening questions I ask in a group session that gets a lot of hands raised is, “How many of us have tried to share the gospel with family, friends, co workers or a complete stranger, and the moment you mention John 3:16, they shut you down?”  Why is this?

It is because we live in an ever-increasing, anti-Christian culture, steeped in a narcissistic form of relativism both morally and ideologically. Some people would even fall into the category of narcissistic moralistic therapeutic deism.

It is because T-R-U-T-H in our culture is for most part relegated to a byword in many contexts, sometimes denied, reinterpreted as coming from one’s senses, or deemed as relative to other situations, or even worse non-existent. The age old question that was asked to Jesus by Pontius Pilate was this very question: “What is truth?”

That same question still gnaws at the hearts and minds of many, where the impact of the culture has blurred the answers to this question and others.  We are seeing an exodus from the faith, mounting anywhere from 60-80% of young people from aged 18-30 who are coming out of Christian homes.

In such an age of confusion and chaos how does one find answers to life’s deepest realities and questions like these? Christian apologist, Ravi Zacharias has said, “We have right to believe anything but not everything we believe is right.”

I want you to know that I understand that the word “apologetics” is a scary word to many Christians and pastors. But if you are actively involved in evangelism, you might find that it is getting more difficult. The culture is demanding you and I to be able to “give a reason for the hope that we have, and do it with gentleness and respect” (1 Peter 3:15).  And in what context do we find ourself giving a reason for why we believe?  It is in the context of evangelism.

What are some of our services to help in this equipping?

We provide equipping workshops to help you, and your church become more confident and ready to engage in evangelism in our culture. We do this by helping you start spiritual conversations, and then have confidence to continue in the conversation with the goal to bring the gospel into the discussion. When you do that, you will see the Holy Spirit at work, both in your and your conversant.


Here is a list of some ideas to help spark and interest and some tools we could use to  we help you grow in your confidence in communicating your faith and ways to introduce apologetics as a tool for outreach in your church.

  • Panel discussions about topics of interest (i.e., on cultural hot button issues of our day);
  • Provide training for local outreaches to those who need to know the credibility of the gospel and the Christian faith, (i.e., reaching out to skeptical groups rallying in local areas);
  • Conduct church workshops, helping answer some of the popular objections to the Christian faith;
  • Facilitate small group studies for equipping a group or groups to make a difference in their concentric circles of influence;
  • Hold movie nights, showing “Mining for God“;
  • View and discuss pre-recorded or Live Online debates;
  • Provide training sessions on varied apologetic themes (absolutes v. relativism, problem of evil, God’s existence, worldview, abortion, evidence for Jesus’ resurrection, etc.);
  • Conduct open discussions and training through role play, to explore subjects and exchange tips.  This gives us an opportunity to try our hand at uncomfortable discussions;

  • Watch the presentations of well-known Christian thinkers as discussion starters;
  • Conduct presentations on subjects related to apologetics and evangelism w/ Q & A.

    If you’re interested in any of these or have an idea that would meet your church’s need, feel free to contact us by email.