My Response to the Albany, NY Pro-Death Dictum

cropped-robgoodgravatar.jpgby Rob Lundberg

I don’t want this post to be reactionary. My goal is the put forth my response to the atrocity that happened on Tuesday night in Albany, NY. The atrocity that happened was an edict put forth by the New York State Legislature called the “Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act” (CCCA), that presented a series of “measures that would codify abortion protections and expanding reproductive health rights for women and their health care providers.”[1]

What kind of response to I want to put forth? Let me put forth a question to you as a believer.[2] The question is as follows, “If you are an evangelical believer, why are you pro-life, and why are you against abortion?”  Do you just give your “pro-choice” interrogator Scripture? Do you really understand the nerve of the question where, due to the ideological tectonic shifts in our culture, you need to understand there is a particular starting point you need to start at before Scripture can even be brought in.[3] Continue reading “My Response to the Albany, NY Pro-Death Dictum”


How Many Gods Does One Need?

cropped-robgoodgravatar.jpgby Rob Lundberg

Wrapping up this series on What Do Other Worldviews Believe, the last worldview we see is the worldview of polytheism.  When one thinks of polytheism, one pictures in their mind some pagan religion in the deepest recesses of the unknown world.  But polytheism claims for itself, many finite god that are believed to exist beyond and in the universe.

We have looked at pantheism, but when it comes to polytheism, these two world views find themselves very compatible.  That is because in Hinduism, there is a belief in an impersonal deity (Brahman), which manifests itself in personal forms known as individual gods. Continue reading “How Many Gods Does One Need?”

The Bankrupt “God” of Panentheism

by Rob Lundberg

Recovering from the upper respiratory “bug” that has been going around the area, I am back for 2019.  For those of you who have praying for us, thank you and I pray you all have had a very Merry Christmas and a reflective New Year.  We begin the new year by  continuing our evaluation of the world views that were mentioned in my post,  What Do Other Worldviews Believe? The next worldview we are are going to look at is the worldview of panentheism. Continue reading “The Bankrupt “God” of Panentheism”

The Spurious World of Pantheism

by Rob Lundberg

Returning back to my series on world views, I gave a brief summary of what the seven major world views believe in  and What Do Other World Views Believe. This in turn gave us a platform to summarize a little deeper how those world views really look in fundamental areas.   This post is going to continue this trek and look at what is known as the pantheistic worldview.  Continue reading “The Spurious World of Pantheism”

Is Christmas Really a Pagan Holiday?

by Rob Lundberg
(be sure to listen to the podcast on this same topic)

I am sure that every one of us, somewhere along the lines, has heard from some well-meaning individuals rail out, “with all sincerity, that we have no business celebrating Christmas, since the Bible gives no date for Christs birth? But is Christmas as we know it really a pagan holiday?    Those of us who have read Dan Brown’s book or or seen the 2006 movie, The Davinci Code, might remember the scene where Professor Lee Teabing pontificates the alleged pagan myth parallel, Continue reading “Is Christmas Really a Pagan Holiday?”