Finite Godism, an Evaluation of a Weak View of “God”

by Rob Lundberg

As I mentioned in the post, What Do Other Worldviews Believe?” I addressed this idea that we do not hear about finite godism.  Think of this worldview as one that holds to a limited view of God where  God can create the world but does not have the power to sustain it or give an assurance for victory over evil. 

In this post, I want to present this worldview as one that gives a weak view of God, and proving that it is contrary to the view disclosed between the covers of Genesis to the Revelation.  Despite the fact that there are no major religions attached to this view, like pantheism, it is sometimes the view that Christians have of a God that is no greater than a finite god.   Continue reading “Finite Godism, an Evaluation of a Weak View of “God””


Deism, Unwinding a Deficient Deity


by Rob Lundberg

We really do not hear a lot about deism today. Some of us bloggers have mentioned it in the past when addressing the culture moralistic therapeutic deism that harbors in the thinking of many young people today. But deism as a whole has largely dropped off the radar of being a valid worldview.

The only places where deism may crop up is maybe in the liberal churches or in culture among the younger generation with the aforementioned moralistic therapeutic deism.  But despite deism’s contribution of bringing the mind into the faith versus reason debate there are a few weaknesses on the matter of miracles and God’s relationship to His creation and people. Continue reading “Deism, Unwinding a Deficient Deity”

A Quick Look at Theism

robgoodgravatarby Rob Lundberg

For several centuries the theistic worldview has been criticized as being outdated by its modern critics. Some have even stated that it is a by-product of man’s wishful thinking. In this quick post, I would like to present four quick, but solid reasons why I believe theism to be true. You may agree with these. You may have others. If you do please feel free to share them in the comment section below. Continue reading “A Quick Look at Theism”