Does the Bible Have “Errors” or “Contradictions?”

mistakesby Rob Lundberg

If someone were to tell you that the Bible is full of lies and laced with contradictions, how would you handle that? Are there lies in the Bible?  Yes, if you take into consideration that both Abraham (Genesis 12:10-20; Genesis 20:1-18), Issac (Genesis 26:1-35); and let’s not forget Jacob (Genesis 27:5-29) all lied to someone. But the content itself is not full of lies.   Continue reading “Does the Bible Have “Errors” or “Contradictions?””


Being an Ambassador in the Workplace

networking-eventby Rob Lundberg

I remember some of my ministerial classes during the undergrad and seminary years, talking about what it means to be in “full time Christian service.” In those classes, particularly the ones related to vocational ministry, there was a phrase that continually has believers wondering. Let me put it in the form of a question, what does it mean to be in “full time Christian service?” Continue reading “Being an Ambassador in the Workplace”

Why you should be able to defend your faith

cropped-robgoodgravatar.jpgby Rob Lundberg

If someone were to ask you “why” you are a Christian, would you resort to your personal testimony or could you give some pretty strong credible answers to curious question that come your way from people seeking answers?  This is why we need apologetics in our spiritual disciplines and daily walk in a post Christian America.  What is apologetics?

The word apologetics comes primarily from the word, apologia (apologenomai), which means giving a reason for why you and I believe what we believe. Continue reading “Why you should be able to defend your faith”

Can One Use Reason to Make Moral Decisions?

cropped-robgoodgravatar.jpgby Rob Lundberg

As it is with migrating posts to Word Press, I have the opportunity to rework or refresh old posts from my previous provider.  This one is definitely one that I needed to rework and reconstruct from a few years ago. It is a question that is very relevant and you see if come up in online forums in various ways.

The question comes from a few years ago, having the privilege of speaking to a Christian student group at Christopher Newport University (CNU), where the topic for the evening was “The Problem of Evil and Suffering.” Much of material that I shared in that talk can be found in a piece I wrote on “The Three Faces of Evil and the Christian Response.” Continue reading “Can One Use Reason to Make Moral Decisions?”