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blindfold_cutting_400x400Don’t You Think It’s Time . . .

to Take the Blind OFF “Blind Faith?”

“Christianity is a statement which, if false, is of no importance, and, if true, is of infinite importance. The one thing it cannot be is moderately important.”  – C.S. Lewis, God in the Dock

Is Christianity true? I mean really objectively true. Why or why not? Can you or your congregation answer that question? I would venture to guess that most people cannot. A lot of people believe many things, sometimes correct things, for no good reason.

It’s time to put a stop to this popular notion of “blind faith” and thinking with our emotions. God has not called us to that type of faith. He has called us to a reasoned faith, a trust in Christ based on good evidence. I can honestly say that I’m a Christian because I believe it’s objectively true, and I want to help other people be able to answer that question the same way.

Socrates said “The unexamined life isn’t worth living.” I would say the unexamined faith isn’t worth believing. That’s where apologetics, or defending the faith and knowing why we believe what we believe, come’s in. It’s time to show believers and unbelievers alike that Christianity is true and we have reason to believe it! Are you in?

We seek to make our presentations as personable and practical as possible so that your middle schooler can understand.  Would you consider allowing me to give an apologetics presentation to your congregation, youth group, small group, etc.?

What’s the Big Deal?

  • As much as 75-80% of teens and young adults leave the church after graduating high school or leaving home.Version 3
  • The supposed incompatibility of faith and reason is taught as dogma in our secular colleges and universities
  • Only 9% of professing Christians have a biblical worldview
  • Protestant denominations are shrinking while non-Christian religions are on the rise
  • “Tolerance” and “Political Correctness” are drowning out the call to faith in Jesus alone
  • The majority of Christians base their faith in Jesus on emotion and personal testimony alone.
  • Then take into consideration that the sinful nature battles the temptations presented on the smorgasbord of relative truth and morals, combined being away from anyone with a lifeline to moral accountability.  Peers, professors, the sinful nature is a bad mix.

Thank you for your interest in this ministry. If I can be of assistance to you, please let me know.

Would  you like to have Rob come and equip your group to communicate the reasonableness of Christianity as well as learn to defend their faith?

cropped-cropped-cropped-16996178_1225661507548878_2449522472498733811_n-e1525610579255.jpgCulture is rapidly changing and becoming more skeptical toward a biblical worldview.  Our ministry would love to serve you by sending our team members to share in an event that will help your church reach the culture with the truth of the Christian faith and share the gospel?  Please email us at realissueapologetics@yahoo.com

Speaking Requests

Mailing address and telephone

Rob Lundberg
Attn:  Ministry Events
717 Olde Greenwich Circle
Fredericksburg, VA 22408-4034

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Ministry email: realissueapologetics@yahoo.com
By phone: 540.710.9089 or 540.419.2162

If you desire to schedule Rob for your church or group! 
By Mail

To extend an invitation by mail, for Rob to give a presentation at your event, we ask that you send a letter by mail to:

The Real Issue Apologetics Ministry
Attention: Apologetics Boot Camp Weekend
717 Olde Greenwich Circle
Fredericksburg, VA 22408-4034

This should include the following:

  • Background information on the inviting organization
  • Event
  • Date(s) you have in mind
  • Target audience
  • Responsibilities for Rob
  • Goals you wish to see accomplished through this event


STEP 1:   Choose a format:

  • One-day workshop
  • Two-day workshop (typically Saturday – Sunday)
  • Three-day workshop (typically Friday – Sunday)

STEP 2:  Pick a date:

Click here to ask about available dates.

Contact Rob Lundberg to confirm your workshop date(s).

STEP 3:  Select your topics:   

Our team members are very knowledgeable on a wide range of subject.  To request a detailed list of seminars or to request a subject, please send us an email and one of our team members will contact you.  

Possible Seminars

A Half Day Seminar: “Why is Christianity True?”  OR

4 session seminar covering the topics of:

Session 1: Are Truth and Morals Absolute or Relative?
Session 2: Is the Bible reliable?
Session 3: If God Exists, Why is there evil in the world?
Session 4: Did Jesus rise from the dead?

Each session is 45-50 minutes.

Half Day Seminars with 10 minute breaks and the host usually provides a lunch/dinner or student to bring a lunch or buy dinner.

Individual Sessions: Pick any of the session from half-day list or list from below

Possible Seminar Topics:

  • Worldviews
  • Truth and Relativism
  • How to Recognize Cults & New Religious Movements
  • World Religions: Is the Allah of Islam the Same as the God of the Bible?
  • Did Jesus Really Die on a Cross?
  • Is Jesus the Only Way?
  • Problem of Evil
  • Science and Religion
  • Do Miracles Exist?
  • Moral Issues: Absolute or Relative?
  • Did Jesus Exist?
  • Why is Christianity True?
  • Evangelism & Apologetics
  • Is Faith a Reasonable Proposition
  • Is the New Testament Credible
  • Christians Navigating Through a “Brave New World”

How to Coordinate Your Event

In order for us to serve you better. . .

Part 1 of the The Event Coordination and Contract Form helps us to better understand your event, 

Part 2 is the event contract to be signed by the event’s sponsor. You may print the form and fill it out. This completed form must be included with your deposit* check to reserve your event. 

To get to our Event Coordination Contract Form 
If you have any questions, please call 540.424.2305 or    Email   realissueapologetics@yahoo.com

To find out where Rob has spoken and the types of events he has spoken in click here

Reserving Your Church Group’s Event

Please go to the speaking topics page and select from one or more topic. If you have a topic that you would like us to address that you do not see listed that is no a problem, please note that on the Event Coordination Contract Form.

Please email us to check availability


Large conference and break out speaker fees table can be viewed here

**If you are a small church, and would like Rob to come and speak, call us or email and let’s work it out. This ministry will work with small churches. We do not want to miss an opportunity to serve you as long as we can reasonably agree on the terms.

Download and Complete the Event Coordination & Contract Form,

Sign it and Mail it to:

The Real Issue Apologetics Ministry
Attention: Events Coordinator
717 Olde Greenwich Circle
Fredericksburg, VA 22408-4034

Arrange and confirm travel and accommodations (i.e. airline tickets, hotels, etc.)

Keep in regular contact with us to ensure your event’s success. Again, thank you for your interest in our ministries working together to equip your church/group.  Please know that a laborer is worthy of their hire, and we trust the Lord’s provision for the resources to be able to minister to your church or group.  Any the fees we charge are for materials and the aide of the operation of this ministry to serve and operate.  Our desire is to serve you, and your group.  If you have any questions, please call 540.419.2162 or 540.710.9089 OR by email realissueapologetics@yahoo.com 

Send Your Deposit to Secure the Event
A fifty percent (50%) non-refundable deposit for the speaking fee is required to secure the date(s) of your event.*)


Promote the workshop from the pulpit, through your Sunday school classes and small groups, in your bulletins and newsletters, and on your website.Here are some topics I can speak on and formats to consider:

* Contact our ministry to discuss terms and arrangements for your event with one of our Team members.