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cropped-robgoodgravatar.jpgHello!  My name is Rob Lundberg and welcome to my web blog.  Whether you’re a Christian seeking a better understanding of the evidence for Christianity, an agnostic who isn’t sure what he/she  believes, or a committed atheist, thank you for coming to my site and I hope you’ll find this site helpful.  If you do have any questions, please email me at


Quick Intro

I am a blogger, writer, speaker, & podcaster for our ministries, The Real Issue Apologetics Ministry (RIAM) and The Virginia Center for Public Christianity (VC4PC).  I have a desire to come alongside the church, to equip and train believers to confidently share the truth of the Christian faith in an ever increasing secular postmodern/post truth culture.

The Journey Begins

I grew up  in Massachusetts and finished high school at Oliver Ames High School in Easton MA.  I was a church kid, growing up in the Congregational denomination.  However, being really inquisitive, and wanting to know why Christianity was true I asked some adults who I trusted in the church some questions about what I was thinking in my heart and mind. What was rather disheartening at the time were the answers I received; as I was told “just believe” or “just have faith.”  So during my high school years, being given some short quick anti-intellectual answers, I became a skeptic.  After graduation and more toward my second year of college, at Bridgewater State, I found myself looking for meaning and purpose.  Bridgewater State did not last but two years and I started college hopping and not really having a whole lot of direction.

As a young skeptic, I went to my friends who I “velcro’ed” onto and asked them questions about why Christianity was true.  However I got the same typical responses were “don’t ask questions, just believe,” “the Bible says so,” the Bible says it is true,” “you should not doubt but just have faith.”  This pushed me even further into a type of an apathetic skepticism, not really caring what Christians believed. This was because, so I thought, I could not get answers to my questions on why Christians believed Christianity was really real.

It would not be until a Christian friend, who was in my classes challenged me to refute the resurrection, the credibility of Jesus, and the gospels that would begin my search. The time when I took him up on that challenge is when an honest spiritual search began. Being raised in a nominally religious home, which allowed me every opportunity to  pursue all the available avenues  for finding out whether or not Christianity was true.

In all actuality, when the questions started coming, is when the search really began. But I did not volitionally start an aggressive search until I was eighteen year old. I would be a little short of two years where the Holy Spirit led me, as He was softening my heart, to go a concert at a church. It would be at that concert in June of 1980  where the music evangelist shared the gospel.

Using the new knowledge that I was learning about the veracity of the Christian faith, the Holy Spirit, through the preaching of the gospel, “flipped my switch” from unbelief to belief.  It would be on that night, that I would repent of my sins, placing my trust in Jesus’ finished work on the cross and resurrection, and surrender to follow Him wherever He would lead me, in proclaiming the gospel and defending the faith.

Not having answers coming from professing Christians showed me that the church is unprepared to give an answer for the hope in them. From that point after my conversion, I set out on a mission to study more and more, not just the details of what Christians are to believe but also why Christianity is true.

The first apologetics books that first touched my hands were Josh McDowell’s Evidence that Demands a Verdict (in two volumes) and Walter Martin’s The Kingdom of the Cults. Not too long after my conversion, I was attending a five night series of meetings led by the late Dr. Walter Martin. At that point, the task of apologetics was injected in my spiritual veins.

After my conversion to Christ. . . 

In 1984, the Lord called me into student/ youth ministry at Easton Baptist Church, in Easton Massachusetts, serving under Pastors Ron Larson and Arthur Stratton.  But it would be just short of two years that I met my wife Kathy and found myself moving to Oklahoma. We were married by Pastor Wayne Brown, in September of 1986 and for the next year and beyond, we have been serving together in the Youth Ministry at First Baptist Church, Purcell, OK and Trinity Baptist Church in Niskayuna, NY.

During our time in Oklahoma, I completed my undergraduate work at Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee, OK where I majored in Religious Studies, and minored in Computer Science.  In October 1987 I joined the US Army Reserve as a Chaplain Assistant, where I earned three Army Achievement medals, the Military Combat Service Ribbon, and two Army Commendation Awards. I completed my active Reserve Service with an Honorable Discharge in 1995.

From 1991 – 1997, I took the long path toward completing my Masters of Divinity with Biblical Languages at the Northeast Branch of Mid America Baptist Theological Seminary.  A year after graduation, I came on board the seminary as an adjunct professor teaching a Masters level World Religions course, and teaching Christian apologetics courses for the Hudson Valley Bible Institute; and in 1995-96, I served as contract chaplain at FCI Otisville NY. It would be in April 1996, our daughter Christine was born, at 28 weeks and 3 days and I finished by contract, to be a dad working nights in an Emergency Room at Albany Medical Center, Albany NY, as the night shift supervisor for the clerical section.

In January 2001, I served as a pastor for Cardinal Baptist Church in Ruther Glen, until June of 2002. After this short pastorate, our ministry direction changed in the direction of where we are  today.

As a homeschool family, we were exposed to some great people that assisted us in helping our family with a special needs daughter navigate the homeschooling years. Working a full time job, and seeking to expand our apologetics ministry, I was certified with the North American Mission Board’s Interfaith Witness program and the Certified Apologetics Instructor program.  Not long after participating with some friends from the Ratio Christi at a Reason Rally, I joined this ministry and became a Chapter Director Community Apologist.

Since that time, we have developed a podcast as well as expanded our Youtube channel.  If you look at the map at the bottom of this page, you will see that we are also blessed to be touching six continents.

Some highlights in ministry

I have been a professor /  teacher and a writer, I have written and taught four courses on the subjects of entry level apologetics, worldviews, the authenticity of the Bible, and a full semester course on the resurrection of Jesus Christ for the Fredericksburg Bible Institute and Seminary (now Cornerstone College and Seminary) in Fredericksburg, VA.

I have also served as a professor in Upstate NY (at the Northeast Branch of Mid America Baptist Theological Seminary and the Hudson Valley Bible Institute, teaching courses on cult evangelism and apologetics, world religions, and church history.

In the past, I have served as a pastor. But currently, I make myself available for various venues to speak to churches, and to student groups.

Having been a pastor, I  have a heart and love for pastors. Today, I count myself pretty blessed to lead a “sheepdog” ministry, guarding the sheep from the spiritual wolves that are both inside and outside the church.  I also consider myself a missionary to not just our postmodern culture, but also to the Christian church.

Contrary to the thinking of our growing secular culture, I believe that we do not have to compartmentalize our Christian faith. keeping it within the four walls of church and home.  So whether it has been a mission trip to the Republic of Moldova (2006) or a Skype meeting reaching a medical college India (2010) or even my current job supervising a great group of folks reaching out to our Veterans,  the message that I communicate in today’s culture is from a worldview perspective. And I teach and equip believers on how to communicate on various levels with people who come from various worldviews on matters of the truth claims of the Christian faith.

What do I do now?

I am currently the Founder and Director of The Real Issue Apologetics Ministry (RIAM). Kathy and I have been married 33 years this year.  Both Kathy and Christine (our daughter) serve with me in the ministry of RIAM. 

I am a writer and a blogger, who has had some of my posts featured and published on the Apologetics315 page as well as being a contributor with posts featured on The Poached Egg Apologetics Resource Page

I also have a few larger irons in the fire on responding to the new atheism, writings in response to religious pluralism, and an outline put together for a church apologetics manual. You can find some of those on this site at my Resources page.

Lastly, I host The Real Issue podcast, that can be heard on over a dozen platforms  addressing all kinds of topics engaging the Christian faith. And am developing a Youtube channel for your equipping and enjoyment.

If you would like me to come and speak to your church, I offer our Defenders Boot Camp, where we train and offer a question and answer session as a way of capping off the event.  To find out more information about that, you can click the Speaking link.

The “Readers Digest” condensed version about Rob. . .

cropped-robgoodgravatar.jpgWhile in NY and in Virginia, I have appeared on numerous radio and television programs, with the most recent being on Ratio Christi TV’s Truth Matters program on the NRB Channel (Click here to view the program).  I have also been interviewed on several podcasts on matters of apologetics issues and conversational evangelism.

You can find out more about my formal background by using the links below. Let me just say that as a missionary to the church and to the culture, my  view of the world does not just target the local college campuses and coffee shops. It also includes various venues, with a global focus.

When you talk to me, you will find that I enjoy conversations ranging from sports, to trivial matters, all the way down to  the rigorous issues for why the Christian faith is true. As a moment by moment disciple of Christ, I seek to incorporate Christian apologetics as a spiritual discipline that undergirds my ministry of evangelism into my daily living.  Being a missionary and evangelist, my target is always the gospel.


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