Blog Rules of Engagement

Moderating a blog is a difficult balancing act between valuing the views of every person and protecting the community against impolite or abusive behavior.

Everyone is welcome here but I ask that all commenters follow a few simple rules:

  • Be polite. If you’re a new commenter, why not introduce yourself? Say something kind and others will warm to you. Whatever point you’re trying to make, say it in a friendly way.
  • Be concise. I’m not too strict about this but as a general rule if your comment is longer than the article itself that should indicate to you it’s way too long. Rather than spamming the comments section put your thoughts in a single comment and then, if someone responds, carry on the conversation.
  • Take care. Checking your comment for spelling and grammatical errors may take a little more time but it will help your point come across and will be easier for others to understand, thus winning you greater respect.
  • Don’t excessively self-promote. If it’s obvious that you’re leaving a comment simply to draw people to your blog rather than engaging with the content of the post, your comment will be deleted.

Don’t worry. We all make mistakes. If you get something wrong, apologize, and you’ll still be welcome!