Rob’s Speaker Profile

Version 2Rob Lundberg

Rob Lundberg is a speaker, blogger, writer, and podcasterDuring the four years of his mid to late teenage years, he spent time as an apathetic skeptic (apatheist).  After a few years of carefully investigating the historical, philosophical and empirical underpinnings of the major religious worldviews, Rob discovered that the historical Christian faith is not afraid of any questions and that it is able to answer the questions toward the longings of the heart and mind, and point people to the  truth of the Christian gospel.

Rob continues to speak to student and church groups along with to diverse audiences. In his earlier ministry years in NY, Rob has appeared as a guest on numerous radio and television programs all over the country.

Rob holds a BA in Religious Studies from Oklahoma Baptist University and a Masters of Divinity in Theology from Mid America Baptist Theological Seminary.  Rob has served as an Adjunct Professor at Mid America Baptist Theological Seminary, an Assistant Instructor at the Hudson Valley Bible Institute and a visiting Professor in Apologetics and Worldview Studies at the Fredericksburg Bible Institute and Seminary (now Cornerstone College and Seminary of Virginia) and is available to speak on a wide array of topics in apologetics and the Bible to your church or group.