Can You Help Us Do & Reach More in 2020 – Our Giving Tuesday Appeal

Today is GivingTuesday… a day to counter the consumerism of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The Real Issue Apologetics Ministry is committed to proclaiming the gospel in the public square and empowering Christians to do the same.  This past year has been an exciting year for us at RIAM.  Here are some of the happenings:

  • We tag teamed with another ministry in August for an Apologetics Boot Camp in a local church. Ask us how an event like this can benefit your student ministry and church.
  • We are in our third year of podcasting, with listeners all over the world.  We are reaching the world and hearing from all over how they have been equipped by the Real Issue Podcast.

  • To add to this, we have a foreign missionary in a country we have to leave unnamed, who is using our material from the blog to equip believers.
  • Our blog is touching into six continents all over the world, with an increasing amount of readers subscribing

    But in order for us we want to do more.  We are finding out that as the Lord is lengthening our leash and broadening our mission, we are needing your help.

                  That is why we are setting a goal for $4000 for this year.

    Just what will this money be used for?  First and most importantly, NONE, ZERO, ZILCH, NADA of it goes into our pockets. It all goes to operate this ministry.

Here is what we are seeking the Lord’s direction:

  • Finding out that we can broaden our reach and taking this website to the next level will allow us to provide you with resources and materials for you, your church and equipping. We want to move this website to a website and open up the opportunity for our readers as well as those who visit this site to have more resources available for equipping and the proclamation of the gospel. Your gift will get us jump-started with that!
  • We would like to provide DVD, and CD resources, but we need the equipment to mass produce and get it in the hands of those who need it or are using it to reach others. Your gift will get us jump-started with that!
  • We want to proclaim the gospel and the truth of the Christian faith, through books, designing tee shirts and other ways that will get a conversation started with the goal of presenting the gospel.  Your gift will get us jump-started with that!
  • We desire to get out in the arena and speak in churches and provide resources for a resource table, ranging from books from noted Christian apologists and rising apologists. Your gift will get us jump-started with that!
  • Again, whenever we write an article, or present a response in writing, give a response to the media or newspaper, speak at a university campus or a to a local church group, an outreach event or release a video on social media, we need your help to do it. Your gift will get us jump-started with that!

Let me say again that I do not receive an income from any of these things!  Even $5 per month (the price of a Grande “Java Chip w/whip” at Starbucks) would make a great impact to the growth and the continued sustainability of this ministry.

paypal-donate-button-300x139                                                                     please click here

Thank you, in advance, for your partnering with us as we seek to change lives for the Kingdom. It means more than these words can express.

May our Lord richly bless you as you seek Him, and be obedient to His call in your life.

Thank you in advance,

Rob Lundberg, Director
The Real Issue Apologetics Ministry

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