Links for the Recent Series on What Happened at the Tomb

Whenever I do a series of posts, look for a post listing the links for the series. You might find it rare that skeptics know the Bible. When they do bring up discrepancies in the Scripture, it is usually a tactic known as “cherry picking.”  Other times, if you are talking to a Muslim, they might bring up the challenges that were addressed in these posts.  When this happens, it is because they seeking to show that the true meaning of the text has been corrupted or lost.

Just remember that it is our responsibility as students of the Word to have a good  handle on hermeneutics and understanding the harmony of the gospels.  Remember CONTEXT is KING when it comes to interpreting and applying the text, particularly in a historical narrative.

That being said, we want to make sure you have links to a series all in one spot.    

Do the Gospel Accounts Contradict Who Went to Jesus’ Grave?

Are there contradictions in the time the women went to the tomb?
Are the Reports of What Was Seen at Jesus’ Tomb in Conflict?

Angels or Angel, Men or Man? Who Announced His Resurrection?
The Challenge of the Testimony by the Angel(s) to the Women at Jesus’ Tomb
Do the Gospel Writers Contradict the Women’s Testimonies at the Tomb?

Let me know how you liked this past series and if you have question by leaving a comment below or by email at


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