Three Ways to Respond to the Problem of Evil

A Real Issue Video

How do we understand the problem of evil?  Is there a way to  engage this problem once we know the definition?  In this video I want to unpack three ways to respond to the problem of evil.  Please interact with the video. Also, let me invite you to comment  below. You may know someone struggling with this issue. Share this video and use it to equip others.

This is the inaugural video using our new upgrade with Word Press. I believe the video and audio features will serve as a great resource to serve you and others as you go out and give your culture Heaven.

Please feel free to send your comments to Thank you for watching this video, and please subscribe to my YouTube channel. Keep looking for more videos to come, and check out the ones I have already done.

Author: roblundberg

I am a blogger, writer, equipper, and public speaker on a mission to equip the believer to think and articulate what they believe and communicate it to a confused culture in a "brave new world" steeped in a post-truth mindset. My mission follows the lines of the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. My desire is the equip you to address today's issues from a worldview perspective, and know how and when to incorporate the discipline of apologetics into the task of evangelism, so as to communicate the gospel in a persuasive and compassionate manner. I currently serve as the local Chapter Director and Community Apologist for Ratio Christi, at Germanna Community College and the University of Mary Washington; both in Fredericksburg, VA.

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