Five Things Science Cannot Prove

One of the favorite objections that come from the atheist is that they will not believe anything that is beyond the realm of science.  Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett, Richard Dawkins and others have asserted this kind of objection in one tone or another.

William Lane Craig has debated the atheist Peter Atkins, where Atkins also made a similar assertion.  Well I have gone and put together a little video to share on those five elements that science cannot answer.

What are these five elements that science cannot answer?  Science as good as it is when properly conducted using an accurate scientific method cannot prove . . .

1.  logical and mathematical truth claims.  In fact science presupposes logical and mathematical truths.  But science does not prove them.

2.  metaphysical truths.   Science cannot prove metaphysical truths like there are other minds out there are different from myself.   You do not need science to determine that the outside world is very real.

3.  ethical decisions and statements of ethical value.  As hard as Sam Harris tries, he will not succeed in equating the epistemological and ontological values that exist.  Science cannot make moral decisions or conclusions.  You need the discipline of ethics.

4.  nor make aesthetic judgments.  One has said, “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” One does not use the empirical method to make these determinations.  Thus science is limited in this area as well.

5.  Science itself cannot be justified by the scientific method.  For the person making the claim that they are testing all truth claims using science, they are going to have to take that statement and test it using the scientific method.  This by the way is impossible.

Please understand, I believe that faith and science are NOT enemies.  In fact, science properly used and understood is a great tool for determining certain truth claims.  But it is not the end all of all matters of truth.  Early scientists who held to a supernatural worldview, men like Francis Bacon, Copernicus, and Johannes Kepler, to name a few, also believed that faith and science were allies.

Though we cannot prove God’s existence with indubitable certainty, there is one thing that we do know. That is if we delve deep into the biological and examine the many facets of the DNA, we will find that we cannot help but see the design.

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