cropped-robgoodgravatar.jpgChristian apologetics is not just for a select few. It is not an additional upgrade to Christianity. When Peter wrote to the church, he wrote to all Christians. First Peter 3:15 tells us that we are ALL  called “to give a reason” for why we believe what we believe (1 Peter 3:15-17).

As a minister of the gospel, I believe that Christian apologetics is a part of loving God with our mind and that it has been a forgotten spiritual practice in the church today. Richard Land, the President of Southern Evangelical Seminary, stated not too long ago, that one cannot do evangelism, church ministry, church planting, preaching, and teach Sunday school without undertaking in the task of Christian apologetics.  And I agree with that!

thinkingman4Let me ask you a question:  If someone were to ask you WHY you are a Christian could you answer them without giving your personal testimony (HOW you got saved)?  Could you give a reason for the hope you have without making your challenger think you were brainwashed?

Pastors and Ministry Leaders, are you tired of seeing youth walking away from their faith in their first year away from home or in college, never to return? Did you know that 75%-80% of the kids coming out of Christian homes are walking away. And still there are many more being enticed at a younger age, as young as Middle School.  Putting it plain and simple, they are being talked out of their faith, because we have not told them WHY it is TRUE.

Evangelism, undergirded by apologetics, and training and then followed up with discipleship is the heartbeat of this ministry.

Pastors, please let me ask this question: How well are you carrying out the part of your job description found in Ephesians 4:12, “equipping the saints for the work of ministry” in a post Christian culture?  Are your people able to answer life’s biggest questions so as to be an articulate witness for the gospel in our culture? What are you doing to equip them to answer those questions?

This ministry will train and equip YOU in reaching this post-truth culture with the gospel, by undergirding evangelism with the task of apologetics. Our goal and desire is to equip you with the ability to articulate your Christian faith to the happy cultured pagan, challenging them to think upon and allow, with the conviction of the Holy Spirit, come to believe the truth of the gospel and trust Christ alone for their salvation.

87851-rob2bcounseling2battender2bon2bdoubts2band2bdefining2bfaith2bas2btrustWe call it conversational evangelism undergirded by apologetics.  We bring training in to equip you to walk in the spiritual disciplines as a follower of Jesus Christ.

We need to remember that people have good questions, and sometimes those questions have underlying questions, have attached themselves to the primary question the person has really bothering them. Ravi Zacharias has said, that “the questions have not changed, but rather it is how those questions are articulated and how our answers come across in the culture.”To follow up this with a summarizing thought from a talk from Michael Ramsden,  “It is always wrong to give the right answer to the wrong question.”

With  the church in a culture proclaiming that “Jesus is the answer, Jesus is the answer,” are we hearing the culture’s response to the perceived “spiritual mugging,” “if Jesus is the answer then what is the question?” America is now an “anti-Christian” culture embracing a post-truth mindset, with a smorgasbord of ideologies, and moral issues fastening themselves to this mindset. This is what is challenging the Christian worldview.  This ministry trains you to engage that cultural mindset with the truth of the Christian faith that is centered on the gospel.

If you check out our website and the growing amount of resources coming on to this site , I pray this it will serve you with the resources. This site also provides you with information on how we might serve you as a church, or student ministry in the church or the college campus.

Let us work together for the glory of God in the understanding the Great Commandment and the Great Commission and reach the culture with the gospel of Jesus Christ.